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Bonus ebook # 1 1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
I hope these notes help you achieve your personal and financial goals, and make it easier for you to do so. -- Bob
Copyright 2001, Bob McElwain
This book is in PDF format, very well structured and written. Contains lots of useful tips on e-business and how to build and succeed with your internet business. Well worth reading not only for newbies.
Blackbelt Black Belt Web Marketing
"New Action Plan Lets You Stop Working Too Hard And Finally Start Getting Results From Your Web Site..."
Well organized PDF book. Contains 11 lessons. Every lesson starts with a number of objectives statements. Contains worksheets and exercises. Highly recommended.
Bonus ebook # 2 Living off the Internet
In this easy to read e-book you'll find the secrets behind making money online, without confusing jargon. It's all explained in easy steps.
This book is in exe format, and behaves like a downloadable website. The author reveals how he made his internet success, and shows how you can make yours. Contains lots of links to marketing and promotion resources on the net. Very useful and accurate.
Bonus ebook # 3 iNet Success
This is a fast, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. In a compact "checklist" style you will get the explanations and the "features to look for" in many internet-marketing issues.
"Everything" about marketing. It contains 30 chapters covering nearly everything you need to know about inet marketing.  Don't miss this book.
Bonus ebook # 4 The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site A complete book of how to build, maintain and run a web site. Several authors give away their "how-to" knowledge. Contains workshops, examples and links for advanced developers and beginners.

Bonus ebook # 5

InterNETACTIVE software contains a series of valuable tools and powerful information.   
A commercial book with valuable info, but also lots of commercial advertising and offers.
Magnetic Internet Power Marketing Magnetic Internet Power Marketing
How To Magnetically Attract Paying Customers To Your Website And Keep Them Coming Back
Ok, worth reading, it's short and comprehensive, but magnetic?? You may judge for yourself.
Bonus Freeware program AEOSOP Freeware Award Submitter
Apply for your site to be awarded on the most popular award sites on the net
To apply for awards can be worth while if you want to decorate your site and brag a little. Some awards are very prestigious and hard to get, while others are given away to everyone, as a way for the award-sites to get a free ad on your site. This software is ad- sponsored freeware.

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